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We have over 20 years experience in delivering made-to-measue design solutions for Office environments.  We have designed custom furniture such as Boardroom tables and reception desks.  we pride ourslelves on our unique design concepts and ensure that your custom piece fits with the office with the existing surroundings. 

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Custom designed shop front

We are well known for our shop fitting and display experience, specializing in window displays, counter and backwall units.  We have worked with a variety of commerical outlets including Jewelry shops, Hardware chains and gournet deli stores.  We use our specialist CNC routing machine to produce custom computer aided designs which are accurate to within one tenth of a milimetre.  This technology enables us to design point of sale displays which can promote your brand with an eye catching display - examples include anything from leaflet holders to a pix n' mix unit for a convenience store. 

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Precision Design with our CNC Routing Service

We use Computer Aided Design to provide precision solutions for our Clients

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